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In honor of Earth Day to May Day happening April 22 through May 1, this month's Liberty Tree News brings you tools for empowerment to help us all push back against a president, a government, and an economic system that threaten our future.

To that end, we have put together a Nonviolent Revolution Resources Center that can be found on our website (and you can add to this continually growing resource by contacting us at Liberty Tree).


Read on to preview resources & learn more...

CLDC KNOW YOUR RIGHTS TRAINING RESOURCES - The Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC) offers a wide range of training resources for activists on their website including a training videoPowerpoint presentationslideshow and more. Their extensive tools include Know Your Rights brochures in EnglishSpanish and Arabic as well as specific resources for immigrant communities and their alliesteens and the unhoused. The CLDC has also posted a guide outlining free speech rights and what to do if your rights are violated during a peaceful protest.

STRATEGIC PLANNING RESOURCES - The Vernal Education Projecthas put together a set of resources detailing strategic planning for nonviolent direct action including workshop agendas, notes for planning campaignsproposal writing tipssteps for preparing a strategic campaign and more.

PROTEST LAWS - Understanding some of the basic laws that affect people taking part in nonviolent civil disobedience is important when organizing and participating in actions. Cornell's guide to the First Amendment not only outlines the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution concerning religion, assembly, expression and the right to petition, but also highlights relevant cases establishing how it has been applied legally. The Library of Congress has prepared a brief summary of the right to peaceful assembly in several countries including the U.S. that sheds light on the international laws that govern and protect peaceful assembly.

PUT YOURSELF ON THE MAP! Register your Earth Day to May Day 2017 events by clicking here. The Earth Day - May Day 2017 Event Map is live at Add organizing meetings leading up to Earth Day - May Day to the Calendar, and add your actions and events to the Calendar in order to have them listed on the ED2MD Event MapRegister now and we will share your event information with the ED2MD network. Share the Facebook Event and RSVP to #ED2MD 2017!

DEMOCRACY CONVENTION III: August 2 - 6, 2017 - Early bird registration is now open for Democracy Convention 2017 taking place at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in Minneapolis. Register before April 1 to receive a t-shirt at the Convention! Make your organization or business an official Sponsor to be listed on the website and promoted at the event. Visit for more information and email to get involved. Click here to register.


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