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Executive Staff

Timeka Drew, National Director

Timeka Drew, Liberty Tree National DirectorTimeka Drew is National Director of the Liberty Tree Foundation, a position she has served in since February of 2016. Previously she served as Liberty Tree's Communications Director and worked as lead organizer of the Global Climate Convergence. Timeka came to the Liberty Tree community via her work with the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) and local democracy, food sovereignty, and antiracist organizing in Los Angeles and her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Liberty Tree Board of Directors

Medea Benjamin, Director

Medea Benjamin Medea Benjamin is the co-founder of the creative women-led peace group CODEPINK and the international rights organization Global Exchange. A former economist and nutritionist with the United Nations and the World Health Organization, Medea has authored and edited eight books, with her latest being Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control. In 2010 she received the Martin Luther King Jr. Award for her peace activism and in June of 2005 she was one of 1,000 exemplary women from 140 countries nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize collectively.

Karen Dolan, Director

Karen DolanKaren Dolan is a Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. Her public scholarship and activism has linked community-led organizations with policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels. The focus of her work is on anti-poverty issues, local democracy and empowerment, and peace. Some of Karen’s publications include: How to Fix it; Our Communities are Not for Sale; Paying the Price: the Mounting Costs of War in Iraq; and Foreign Policy Goes Local.


James Patrick Jordan, Director

James Patrick JordanJames Jordan is U.S. coordinator of the Alliance for Global Justice. He comes from the rural South and Midwest and studied Religion in college. James got his activist bearings in the U.S. anti-apartheid movement. In Tucson, Arizona he did a stint at the Catholic Worker house, Casa Maria, and became active in the peace, labor and environmental movements. His work at the Alliance for Global Justice has included organizing international solidarity in regards to Colombia, ecology, labor and prison issues. James often writes for various progressive, green, and peace publications, but at heart he is a singer and writer of humorous songs.

Ben Manski, President

Ben Manski Ben Manski is a scholar, lawyer, and activist who has been committed to building a U.S. democracy movement since the early 1990s. He is president of the Liberty Tree Foundation, a strategy center he founded in 2004, a co-founder of Move to Amend, and an Associate Fellow with the Institute for Policy Studies. In 2010, Manski co-founded the Wisconsin Wave, which played a leading role in the Wisconsin uprising of 2011 and which continues today. In 2012, he managed the Jill Stein for President campaign; from 2001-2004 he served as co-chair of the Green Party of the United States. Manski is currently pursuing a PhD in Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

George Martin, Director

George Martin George Paz Martin, a peace and justice activist/educator currently serves as a Fellow at the Marquette U. Center for Peacemaking and on the Boards of the Liberty Tree Foundation and Peace Action Education Fund. A former Co-Chair of United for Peace & Justice and Program Director of Peace Action WI, he has been a delegate to the World Peace Council, World Social Forum and an NGO delegate to the United Nations. Martin has been honored with lifetime activist’s awards from the WI Network for Peace & Justice and the Foundation for a United Front, with the Peace & Justice Studies Association’s Social Courage Award and for international work for peace by the tribe of his roots in Ghana as a chief with the name “Nii Adjetey.”

Suren Moodliar, Vice President

Suren MoodliarSuren Moodliar founded and helps coordinate encuentro 5 - a “movement-building space” in Boston. He is also a coordinator of Massachusetts Global Action and several of its projects including the Majority Agenda Project, the Color of Water, and the Du Bois Forum. Previously he was a coordinator of the North American Alliance for Fair Employment and served as the program coordinator of the Boston Social Forum. He has a background in union and immigrant organizing. His writing has focused on the World Social Forum and networks as agencies and spaces for social change.

Leland Pan, Secretary Treasurer

Leland Pan Leland Pan is an activist, labor organizer, and Dane County Board Supervisor.  A student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from 2010 to 2014, Leland was heavily involved in the 2011 Wisconsin uprising.  Building on his extensive experience organizing around student, labor, and racial justice issues, Leland successfully ran for a seat on the Dane County Board of Supervisors in 2012, and represents a majority student district.  He was reelected to a second term in 2014.


Nancy Price, Director

Nancy Price Nancy Price is currently Co-chair of the Alliance for Democracy working to realize AfD’s mission to build a populist movement to end corporate domination, establish true democracy and build a just society with a sustainable and equitable economy. She edits and writes for AfD’s Justice Rising magazine. She is also a founding member of the National Election Integrity Coalition, on the Leadership Team of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom’s new Earth Democracy Issue Group, and writes for WILPF’s Peace & Freedom magazine. Nancy has been an active leader of Liberty Tree's Global Climate Convergence since its inception.

Jill Stein, Director

Jill Stein Jill Stein is a mother, physician, pioneering environmental-health advocate, and longtime Massachusetts resident, who began advocating for the environment as a human health issue in 1998. She worked to pass Massachusetts's Clean Election Law referendum, later repealed by the legislature. Recognized for leadership in successful campaigns for a healthy environment, she accepted the call in 2002 to run for MA Governor and later for State Representative and Secretary of State under the Green-Rainbow Party banner. Dr. Stein was the 2012 Green Party presidential nominee and today leads the Green Shadow Cabinet.  Dr. Stein also continues to play a pivotal role in the development of Liberty Tree's Global Climate Convergence, which she helped found in 2013. Note: As of February, 2015, Jill Stein is on leave from the Liberty Tree Board of Directors as she pursues election to the presidency of the United States.

Victor Wallis, Director

Victor Wallis Victor Wallis teaches in the Liberal Arts department at the Berklee College of Music and is managing editor of the journal Socialism and Democracy. His articles on ecology and politics have also appeared in Monthly Review, Capitalism Nature Socialism, Organization & Environment, New Political Science, International Critical Thought, and the Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism, and have been translated into twelve languages.