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Last month, Jeremy Corbyn defied the British political establishment and media predictions by radically rebuilding the Labor Party's support in a general election. Against the odds, Labor and the Momentum campaigning organization denied British Prime Minister, Theresa May a majority in parliament. Like Bernie Sanders and France's Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Corbyn ran on an unapologetic progressive agenda, challenging extreme inequality and defending cherished services and rights won by the labor movement. His electoral insurgency rested on a power grassroots campaign organized under the banner, "For the Many, Not the Few!" Chuck Collins of the Institute for Policy Studies, a contributor on an important interlude in Welcome to the Revolution, interviewed to participants in the campaign:

“If we run the right campaign, if we put forward what Jeremy is actually saying, cut through the nonsense and the media and all of that, then we can win.

“And it’s all down to the local activists. They’ve done the hard work of knocking on doors, talking to people, setting up trestle tables in the markets, and chatting with people about what’s important to them. They reported that the same conversations came up time and time again: the attacks on our National Health Service and the effects of austerity.”

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