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Together, we are building a historic movement upon the work of those who have come before us in the democratic struggle around the world. In honor of the feats of courage of the brave activists of the past and to lift up the sacrifices of the countless supporters who helped fund those efforts, we have created the Liberty Tree Sustainers of Democracy Program. This program recognizes new monthly commitments as well as our generous donors and current sustainers; each may direct their giving by program and level. The levels of giving honor historic pro-democracy campaigns - pledge in remembrance of the revolutionary actions taken globally in the past in order to support the revolution of the future! 

The work of the Liberty Tree Foundation would not be possible without the commitment and generosity of our sustainers. Whether you contribute $5 a month or $500 a month - know that your gift is going towards powering up the democracy movement through our diverse projects and programs. Interested in sponsoring a specific project? Designate your monthly contribution to support one specific program area, or pitch into the general fund to help support all of our initiatives as well as our staff and administrative costs.

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Read on to review the levels of support and visit the links below to direct your giving to one of our 2018 programs.

Liberty Tree Sustainers of Democracy - Levels of Support

Tiananmen Square Pro-Democracy Protest Pledge
In 1989, nearly a million Chinese people, many of them students, were calling for greater democracy and the resignation of repressive leaders for nearly three weeks when, on June 4, Chinese troops and police began firing into the crowd of protesters at Tiananmen Square. While plenty of protesters tried to escape, many fought back by throwing rocks and overturning military vehicles. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of protesters were killed on that day and an estimated 10,000 were arrested.   
Your monthly pledge of $500 or more in support of the democracy movement remembers the thousands of sacrifices that have been made globally in the name of democratic freedom. 

John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry Pledge 
John Brown was committed to eradicating slavery in the United States, and to that end he envisioned organizing a mass uprising of slaves which culminated in the raid where he and his band overran a federal armory, taking hostages. Although he was captured and executed, this revolutionary act of defiance set the stage for the Civil War. Brown could not have succeeded without the support of six brave, strong, revolutionary families committed to eradicating slavery through secretly funding radical abolitionist efforts. 
Your monthly pledge of $100 to $499 in support of freedom for the people lifts up the work of those brave and necessary “Secret Six” abolitionist families funding the work that needed to be done at a time when resisting and building power were often one in the same. 

South Africa’s National Day of Protest Pledge
On June 26, 1950, Nelson Mandela and his African National Committee party organized a “Stay at Home” day that thousands of workers participated in - the first in a series of anti-apartheid work stoppages in South Africa. In a miraculous two weeks, pro-democracy organizers faced police violence and intimidation while spreading the word about this unforgettable and powerful strike action. 
Your monthly pledge of $20 - $99 helps power up Liberty Tree Programs that remind us how important building and sustaining an active democracy movement is in order to effectively plan and carry out coordinated action. 

Women’s Suffrage Parade Pledge
The first women’s march in this country happened on March 3, 1913 and it was comprised of black and white women from across the country demanding the right to vote. Although the over 5,000 women taking part in the parade were threatened and thousands were accosted by a violent crowd of men, black women were taking an even larger risk by participating as some of their comrades working towards suffrage were not in support of black women or men having the right to vote. Regardless of the internal struggles within the suffrage movement and black women being told they needed to stay at the back of the parade - antilynching and suffrage activists like Ida B. Wells-Barnett and Mary Church Terrell refused to be silenced or disappeared. They marched together with the other suffrage activists and the movement was made stronger because of their bravery.
Your monthly pledge of $5 - $19 lifts up the importance of unity in our organizing as we work to defend ourselves against threats to our liberty in this historic moment and beyond. 

Direct Your Giving - Liberty Tree 2018 Program Areas

Liberty Tree Foundation General Fund
With your support, we can continue our commitment to building a democracy movement for the U.S. by providing vital support to grassroots campaigns for democratic reform in many areas of American life and bringing those campaigns together to form a united movement for democracy. Support and help grow the Liberty Tree staff, enable us to continue to provide resources to the grassroots democracy movement, build and facilitate our programs and sustain this critically needed work into the future. 
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Democracy Convention
The third Democracy Convention held this year in Minneapolis showed us that the movement is not only alive and thriving, but hungry for more collaborative space in which to strategize and build the democratic revolution. The fourth Democracy Convention is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles in the Winter of 2019/2020. 
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Movement School for Revolutionaries
The Movement School for Revolutionaries is a weekend workshop for revolutionaries in radical & progressive movements who recognize the imperative to restructure society to meet human needs and address the dire social, economic, and ecological challenges facing our world. They are designed to build a united front to fight back against neoliberalism and neofascism. 
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Grassroots Action & Democracy Education (G.R.A.D.E.) is a program that gives elementary school students a foundational understanding of grassroots action and the tools to build and carry out a campaign in their community. G.R.A.D.E. is in its first year of development - an introduction to the program and a sample week of activities are both available on the Liberty Tree website. 
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Democracy Movement Briefings
Democracy Movement Briefings address the fact that for the broad democracy movement, it is essential that organizing and dialogue between partisans expand and attains new levels of sophistication and coordination by organizing public strategy conversations between leading movement activists on key topics in ways that allow for rapid, strategic resistance to the Trump agenda and promotion of shared left-wing ideas. 
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Global Climate Convergence
The Global Climate Convergence (GCC) is an education and direct action campaign linking climate democracy and the rights of laborers every year through our Earth Day to May Day campaign. The GCC works to connect activists across silos to strategize and organize around our shared climate goals. 
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Democratizing Elections
Liberty Tree’s Democratizing Elections Program area helps to build the movement for election integrity and a larger movement for systemic, structural election reforms (publicly funded elections, ranked choice voting, ending voter suppression, etc). Within this program area lives our No More Stolen Elections! campaign that has been organizing voters and fighting stolen elections since 2004. 
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Chomsky for Activists
Chomsky for Activists is a documentation project administered by Liberty Tree focused on Noam Chomsky’s contributions to social science and social movements that will ultimately yield two - three new books involving Noam Chomsky, several interviews, public conversations, and two documentary videos. This project is also supported by the Wallace Action Fund. 
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