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Foundation for the Democratic Revolution

Liberty Tree launched its first website at LibertyTreeFDR. org on January 1st, featuring news, publications, and event listings and organized around various the different areas (e.g. economic democracy, media democracy, local democracy, etc) in which pro-democracy work was happening in the United States. Later on, Liberty Tree moved its primary web url to

In June of 2005, Liberty Tree convened the founding meeting of the Democratizing Education Network (DEN) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The Ottawa meeting brought 30 students and professors from 8 campuses in the United States across the border to connect with activists, union organizers, and intellectuals at the forefront of anti-austerity and pro-democracy campaigns in Canada and Quebec. Inspired by those conversations, the Americans returned to the states with a call to launch a new wave of student-worker higher education unionism in the United States. Attendees went on to organize new campus unions in Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan and Massachusetts; of these efforts, the Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts (PHENOM) is the most successful example.

In October, the DEN reunited at its first Democratizing Education Convention, held at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. This time over 250 student, faculty, staff, and community activists came together to plan common action for the following years.

Later that year, Liberty Tree: The Journal of the Democratic Revolution published its first issue with a new look at the old debate of “Reform or Revolution?” Over the course of the next several years, Liberty Tree published seven additional issues of its journal, covering themes of democratizing elections, democratizing education, global democracy, constitutional reform, race and democracy, economic democracy, and local democracy. The Liberty Tree Journal eventually reached a distribution of 15,000 and was carried in major bookstore chains. The Journal was discontinued due to a major drop in donations stemming from the global financial crash of 2008.

Throughout 2005, Liberty Tree joined with other organizations to convene conferences intended to strengthen local and community democracy. Two such gatherings included the Green Policy Conference, co-sponsored with the Green Institute, which brought together local elections officials from across the country and the Midwest Social Forum, the first mass social forum event to take place in North America, which was organized by the A.E. Havens Center with substantial support from Liberty Tree. In June of 2005, Liberty Tree took part in the Mediterranean Social Forum in Barcelona.

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