REGISTER: Teleconference on the Global Wave

Join us on Wednesday, October 12th, in a special briefing, the Teleconference on the Global Wave of Resistance. This very exciting global conference call will feature updates from leading organizers of the global wave of student and labor strikes, occupations, and revolutions. Confirmed and/or invited panelists include core organizers from the UK, Egypt, Germany, Israel, and Chile, as well as Wisconsin, Boston, Houston, NOLA, Oakland, Washington D.C., and Wall Street, among others. This is the second such teleconference on corporatization and austerity organized by the Liberty Tree Foundation.

Teleconference on Global Wave of Resistance

The Teleconference on the Global Wave of Resistance will begin at 17:00 GMT/UTC (5:00pm). That is 10am Pacific,  Noon Central, 1pm Eastern in the United States. If you are in another time zone, use this converter to identify the correct time:

In order to participate, you must register ahead of time. Please fill out the form below, and then, on the next page, donate what you can to allow us to continue this work (recommended donation is $10). We will contact registrants on Tuesday with information about how to access this timely teleconference.